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During the Colonial era, wealthy property owners were the only ones who could afford wrought iron fences and ironwork for their homes. However, as more blacksmiths moved to America in the early 1800s, numerous homes began to be embellished with iron fences and other metalwork. It was during the Victorian era that posts, pickets, and more began to be mass-produced with the help of established foundries. Today, many homeowners wish to install iron fencing on the property and Dallas fencing companies can be of great help with this. What should one know before choosing a fence of this type to ensure it is right for their property?

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fences

The beauty of an iron fence is typically what draws individuals to this type of barrier for their residence or business. Once they learn of the many other benefits associated with iron fencing and gates, they decide this is the right selection for their property. What are some of the benefits one can expect when this choice is made?

Iron fencing requires very little maintenance, especially when compared to other available options. The fence is weatherproof and will hold up even in the worst climate conditions. Men and women who lead busy lives will greatly appreciate the fact that they can have the fence installed and simply forget about it for the most part.

The fence needs to be checked twice each year just to ensure no problems have developed. In most cases, slight refinishing is the only task that will need to be carried out after this assessment, if any work must be done. Frequent repainting of the fence isn’t necessary, and the owner doesn’t need to concern him or herself with warping, rotting, or insect damage.

Security is one reason individuals may opt to research iron fences. They wish to keep their loved ones and property safe at all times. Iron fences remain one of the most effective security fencing options available today. Once in place, it will be almost impossible to tear it down. Furthermore, the property owner may choose to incorporate sharp cap posts into the design. This helps to deter possible intruders. The fence is thin and smooth as well, which makes it difficult for people to scale it.

Simply because this fencing option offers so many benefits does not mean the aesthetic qualities should be overlooked. This type of fence is visually appealing and nicely complements brick and masonry architectural features. The contrast between the fence and any greenery in the area adds to the curb appeal of the property, and other materials simply cannot rival this fencing option in terms of its artistic element.


However, every property owner also needs to be aware of any drawbacks associated with the fencing choice. We always share this information so there are no surprises once the work is done.

Iron fencing is more expensive than other fencing products on the market today. However, the ease of caring for the fence over its lifespan helps to offset the cost. There will be times when portions of the fence must undergo periodic maintenance. Again, this is likewise minimal when compared to several other fencing options.

In the event the property owner chooses to paint the fence, it does become more susceptible to rust and oxidation. Men and women need to be aware of this before choosing to paint the fence or gate. Doing so could add to the amount of maintenance required to keep the fence, gate, and property neat and clean looking.

Finally, wrought iron fencing isn’t suitable for providing additional privacy. This type of fence features an open pattern that will allow others to see into the property and possibly the residence. Keep this in mind and choose another option if keeping personal matters private is of great concern to you.

Customizing Your Iron Fences

A reputable fence provider can help design a fence that fulfills all requirements of the property owner. Intricate details may be incorporated into the design or the property owner might wish to include security details such as sharp posts to prevent unwanted guests from making their way onto the property. However, these are only two of the many ways the fence may be customized to meet the requirements of the owner.

He or she can also discuss with the fence provider the width or diameter of the individual posts, the type of gate desired, and other features. The cost will go up when custom options are selected, but the homeowner might find the added expense worth it based on his or her objectives for the fencing project.

For example, adding sharp posts to deter intruders will likely increase the cost, but no price can be put on one’s peace of mind. Ensuring the post width provides the best view of the property may increase its overall value, so this also needs to be factored into the decision making process. Speak with the fencing provider to determine the goals of the project and how best to meet them.


The first step when installing new fencing is to hire a surveyor. This professional comes in to mark where the new fence is to be placed so problems don’t arise in the future. He or she outlines the boundaries of the property so the fencing provider knows exactly where to locate the iron fence and gate.

Next, determine if a permit is needed to install the fence. The provider can be of great help in obtaining this information. Furthermore, he or she will likely take this task on for the property owner.

Landscaping conditions need to be assessed at this time also, as they can have an impact on the fencing installation process. For example, any sloped areas will need to be addressed along with any portions of the property that may be difficult to access. A plan must be made to handle these areas as the installation moves forward.

Talk with several fencing companies to find the one best equipped to take on your project. Whether you do choose a wrought iron fence or opt for a different material completely, the right provider will work to carry out the project to your specifications and within your budget. Don’t settle for anything less.

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