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Fencing is crucial for homes and businesses across the Dallas area. They provide privacy and protection from the outside as well as from within while adding beauty and curb appeal to the surrounded property. While a wide range of materials is available for such purposes, wood is among the most popular and versatile. At Dallas Fencing Company, we’re experts in wood fencing. We offer a number of wood options, fence styles and services, all of which help you make the most of your property and investment.

Popular Types of Wood for Fencing

Several types of materials can be used for fencing, each with its own distinct benefits. Wood is one of the most popular choices for those seeking privacy because of its ingrained ability to conceal properties from the outside world. Pine, fir, spruce, cedar, cypress and redwood are among the species most often recommended.

  • Pine: Though raw pine doesn’t hold up well against the elements, the types used for fencing are treated with chemicals and pressure to make them far more durable. They’re well-suited to warm, humid areas like Dallas. Pine usually changes color over time, transitioning from a light tan or beige to a deep, golden brown. Depending on the grade being used, it can last ten years or more.
  • Cypress: Cypress is a bit harder than cedar, pine and some other woods used for fencing, so it’s not quite as vulnerable to dents and scratches. It’s able to withstand heat and humidity and is naturally resistant to decay. Cypress also contains a natural chemical known as cypretine that helps keep insects at bay. While this type of wood readily absorbs stain and paint, many people choose not to hide its natural color.
  • Spruce: Spruce doesn’t produce its own natural oils or chemicals to protect against weather and insect infestations, but it can be stained or sealed for greater longevity. This type of wood is light brown in the beginning but changes to dark brown or gray over time. Although spruce isn’t considered the most durable wood fencing option, it’s certainly one of the least expensive.
  • Fir: As is the case with spruce, fir is a relatively inexpensive material for fences. This wood is initially yellowish in color but fades to gray as it ages. While it has been known to succumb to the elements, it can be sealed for better resistance and to delay the color transition.
  • Redwood: Redwood resists warping and cracking more so than some other species due to its natural oils. Since it’s lighter than some of its counterparts, it’s often used for taller fences. Though it’s not recommended for areas with extreme winter temperatures, it’s a perfect option for Dallas’ typical climate. Sealants can help increase its lifespan and insect resistance, but most people choose clear varieties to avoid covering up its natural color.
  • Cedar: As far as popularity goes, cedar has been at the top of the list for decades. Its one of the more expensive woods for fencing, but its beauty and durability make it well worth the extra investment. This species holds up well in all types of weather and is resistant to warping, cracking and decay. Cedar’s distinct scent comes from its natural oils, which also repel insects. Although fences made of this wood turn gray with age, they can be stained or sealed to prevent discoloration.

Numerous considerations go into deciding which of these woods best fits your needs. Though spruce and fir are among the least expensive, they’re likely to require more maintenance down the road. Cedar and redwood are more costly upfront but don’t demand much attention after installation. Pine and cypress could be considered acceptable compromises between the two ends of the spectrum.

Different Wood Fencing Styles

Once you’ve chosen the right type of wood, style comes into play. Standard picket fences have been popular choices for quite some time. They’re usually three or four feet tall with the pickets typically three or four inches wide and spaced two and a half inches apart.

Lattice is also a common Dallas fencing alternative. Though these types of fences aren’t the most effective for privacy or noise control, their crisscross design is one of the more decorative options available. Traditional vertical board fences are often used as well. Their boards are placed closer together than those of picket fences, so they provide higher levels of privacy and wind blockage.

Good neighbor fences are prevalent in a number of neighborhoods. With boards placed on alternating sides of their support beams, they offer a uniform appearance on both sides. Shadow box fencing works in much the same way, but its boards overlap a bit to create greater depth and cast a shadowy effect. Horizontal fencing is also rising to fame because of its more modern appearance.

Wood Fencing Services to Suit Every Need

At Dallas Fencing Company, we offer the full range of wood fencing services. If you’re not sure of which type of wood is best for your needs, we can offer helpful advice to make the decision a bit less difficult. Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Fence Installation: When it comes to installing a fence, numerous details should be taken into account. Property lines, permits and homeowners association rules are only a few of the points to consider. We cover all those bases, so the final result adds beauty and value to your home or business while remaining in compliance will all applicable regulations.
  • Gate Installation: Gates are integral components of fences for homes and businesses. They help ramp up security and safety. From standard latching gates to those with advanced security features, our team can add the right gate for your needs without detracting from the appearance of your wood fence.
  • Maintenance: Some types of wood require more ongoing maintenance than others, but they all need a certain amount of upkeep to remain in optimum condition and retain their appearance.
  • Repairs: No matter how durable the wood is or how well it’s maintained, fence repairs are bound to be necessary from time to time. Whether your Dallas wood fence has been damaged in a vehicle accident or torn down by severe weather, we can return it to like-new condition. In many cases, it may be possible to weather the new wood so it more closely matches the undamaged portions of your fence.

Whether you’re looking for new fence installation or need routine maintenance and repairs, Dallas Fencing Company is here to help. Contact us with any questions you may have or to request a free quote.

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