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Fence Restoration and Repair Services in Dallas

Fences are among Dallas home and business owners’ primary lines of defense against the outside world, and they have a major impact on the appearance of a property. Of course, in order for them to keep intruders at bay, maintain privacy and heighten curb appeal as expected, they must be in top-notch condition.

Regardless of style, materials used in construction or attention to ongoing maintenance needs, all fences are vulnerable to damage and aging. At Dallas Fencing company, we offer the full range of fence repair services to help ensure our friends and neighbors in the Dallas area are safe, secure and able to get the most value out of their properties.

Taking a Look at Common Fence Repair Needs

Numerous issues can lead to the need for fence repair from weather and soil erosion to reckless drivers and vandalism. Of course, time plays a significant role here as well. Certain repair needs are common among property owners in our area because of its notorious severe storms, humid summers and other local factors.

Broken Pickets or Panels

We routinely see wood fences with damaged or missing boards. Privacy inserts for chain link fences are known to crack or splinter from time to time as well. Though the materials used in fencing are sturdy and able to withstand a number of hazards, they’re not indestructible. When boards or entire panels are in disrepair, fences do little to provide privacy, keep trespassers and stray animals at bay and help ensure pets and children aren’t able to wander away.

In most cases, handling this type of repair is as simple as replacing the broken or missing portions of the fence. For stained or painted fences that have been in place for a few years, matching the new material to the undamaged areas is often the biggest hurdle. Some property owners have their entire fences refinished after these types of repairs, but others simply choose to leave the new materials as is.

Damaged Sections of Fencing

Broken sections can occur with virtually all types of fencing. Distracted drivers are sometimes responsible for this type of damage, but it’s often the result of decay, high winds, fallen trees or heavy overgrowth. In the case of the latter two issues, our first priority is removing the vines, branches or other foliage placing undue strain on the affected section of fence.

From there, our team will assess the adjoining sections to ensure no unseen damage is present. Then, we’ll replace the broken portions and take any necessary steps to seal and protect it. If we find additional damage, we’ll take care of that as well. This could mean replacing posts and other components. If you find yourself frequently needing the same types of repairs because of a specific issue, the fence may also need to be reinforced to help prevent future problems.

Leaning Fences


As is the case with other types of damage, leaning fences are often caused by storms and high winds. Drainage issues or subpar installation could be the problem as well. In Dallas, we also have expansive soils to deal with. They swell during rainstorms and shrink in the midst of our famous dry spells. This is the reason so many property owners need frequent foundation repairs, and the same can be said of fence mending.

First off, our goal in these instances is to find out what’s causing the fence to lean and remedy the problem. Otherwise, the same repair needs will repeatedly come back to haunt you. Preventing future leaning could be as simple as resetting the post holes or altering the direction of your sprinklers, but more in-depth repairs may be necessary.

Insect Damage

Termites, carpenter ants and bees, powderpost beetles and other invaders seem to enjoy feasting on wood fences. While cedar and cypress have their own ingrained lines of defense against insects, other types of wood require outside intervention.

If caught early enough, insect infestations can be stopped with creosote or synthetic applications. Not all insect treatments are appropriate for all situations, though. Factors like materials, location and the purpose of the fence in question are considered before determining which option best suits your needs.

In cases where insects have caused too much damage for the fence to be salvageable, we’ll need to replace the affected sections. We’ll also do our part to help ensure the new sections of fencing are well protected against future invasions.

Gate Repairs

Fences are essentially useless if their gates are broken or not working properly. Sagging gates, rusted or bent hinges, damaged tracks, broken latches and warped posts are only a few of the issues to potentially arise. If you have an automated gate or high-tech access control system in place, even more malfunctions could occur.

Our team is trained and experienced in all types of gate repairs. We’ll examine your gate to determine exactly what the problem is and repair or replace the necessary components. We’ll complete the needed repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible to make sure your home or businesses is safe and secure once again.


Sometimes, fences are in good shape overall but look a bit worse for wear. In such situations, in-depth repairs may not be necessary. Wood fences may simply need to be washed, sanded, stained or painted and resealed.

Iron fences may only need to be sanded to remove rust, painted or coated with a moisture-resistant sealant. We take factors like age and historical value into consideration as well, so you can rest assured your fence is in good hands with us.

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