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For those who own residential or commercial properties in Dallas and the surrounding areas, a number of considerations come into play. Appearance, property value, privacy, safety and security are among the most common and significant. If chosen and implemented correctly, fencing can go a long way toward enhancing all those aspects.
At Parker Fencing Company, we’re your go-to experts in fencing. Our locally-based team fully understands the needs of our friends and neighbors in the Dallas/Fort Worth community, and we have the knowledge and experience it takes to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Whether your goal is to ramp up privacy and security or improve your property’s curb appeal, we can help.

Popular Types of Fence Materials in Parker

Numerous materials are available for fencing these days. Each one is geared toward specific needs, and all of them have their own distinct benefits and disadvantages. Some are more common in our area than others because of their unique strong suits.

  • Wood: Wood is certainly the most popular fence material both here and in other areas across the country. It provides higher levels of privacy than certain other options. Wood also offers a long list of advantages when compared to many of the available alternatives. Durability, longevity, versatility and aesthetic appeal are only a few of them. That being said, you have several types of wood to choose from.
  • Cedar: With its beautiful appearance, distinctive scent and inherent strength, cedar is certainly the most highly favored wood for fencing. It’s capable of withstanding the elements as well as the test of time and produces its own natural defenses against insect infestations. While you can choose to have cedar fencing stained and sealed for added protection, this isn’t necessarily required. Though cedar is generally more expensive than other types of wood, its positive attributes make it well worth the price.
  • Cypress: As is the case with cedar, cypress produces its own natural chemicals to ward off insect invasions. This variety of wood is also well suited to our local heat and humidity. Since cypress is slightly harder than cedar, it resists dents and scratches a bit better. It can also be stained or painted to alter its natural appearance, but adding a synthetic finish isn’t really necessary.
  • Pine: Pine has developed a negative reputation over the years, but it’s actually a wonderful choice for fencing. Planks used for fences, decks and other structures are pressure and chemical treated for added longevity. These measures give pine extra resistance to extreme temperatures and humidity. Pine can also be painted or stained as desired.

Spruce, fir and redwood are commonly used for fences in Dallas and its surrounding communities as well. While all these types of wood are known to resist cracking, warping and other damage, spruce and fir tend to require more ongoing maintenance than other varieties. Still, they’re also among the least expensive species to work with.


Another popular fence material in Dallas/Fort Worth is vinyl. It’s durable, long-lasting and versatile. This option closely resembles wood fencing in appearance. It provides ample privacy but doesn’t require the same level of ongoing maintenance as its natural counterpart.

Vinyl is also one of the most versatile materials on the market. It’s available in various colors, is impervious to insects and decay and never needs to be sealed, stained or painted. This material can be used for a wide range of fence styles as well, including picket, lattice, shadowbox, horizontal and good neighbor. While vinyl is initially more expensive than most types of wood, its lack of upkeep requirements balances out the cost over time.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing could be considered the most decorative alternative at your disposal. It’s also one of the most secure materials. If you’re concerned about rogue neighborhood pets and wildlife slipping through and wreaking havoc on your property, having the bars spaced closer together could help ward off such invasions.

This material often rusts in areas with high levels of humidity and moisture, but keeping it cleaned and maintained helps retain its appearance and improves longevity. While wrought iron fencing is one of the more expensive choices, steel and aluminum options are available. Both offer similar benefits, and their appearance is almost indistinguishable from iron if they’re painted and cared for properly.

Chain Link

Chain link fences come highly recommended due to their longevity, security and budget-friendly price. Various gauges are available to heighten strength and security. Though this type of fencing is less expensive than other materials and doesn’t require a great deal of upkeep, it’s also the least decorative option and offers little privacy.

Privacy slats are available for chain link fences to help keep out prying eyes. Hedges and other decorative elements can also be added to improve privacy and appearance. Chain link fences are effective for establishing boundaries and keeping pets where they belong among other purposes. This is a standard, affordable option that’s perfectly suitable for a number of situations.

Offering a Wide Range of Fencing Services

At Parker Fencing Company, we offer the full range of fencing services. Our skilled, experienced team of specialists is here to handle all your needs.

  • Consultations: With all the materials on the market and considerations to keep in mind, choosing the right type of fencing may not be a simple process. We can help make it a bit easier. Our team will assess your property and concerns to determine the type of fencing that best meets your goals and budget.
  • Installation: Fencing is only effective, attractive and durable if it’s installed properly. This means looking at the property in question and considering its topography, the type of soil present and the fence material being used among a long list of other aspects. We take all these factors into account to ensure your fence lives up to your expectations.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Fencing materials have different requirements when it comes to how often they should be cleaned and which ongoing maintenance measures may be needed. We cover all your routine cleaning and maintenance needs, so your fence remains beautiful and sturdy for decades to come.
  • Repairs: Fences are bound to need repairs despite even the most diligent care and maintenance efforts. From storm damage and reckless drivers to simple wear and tear, we handle every type of fence repair and replacement imaginable.
  • Gates: Gates are integral fencing components, and they’re major factors in terms of security and curb appeal. Whether you have a gate in need of repair or are looking to upgrade to more advanced security features, our team can make it happen.

As your local, full-service fencing company, we’re dedicated to helping people in our area improve their safety, security and property value while ensuring clients get the most out of their investments.

Call us or contact us via the form we’ve provided here on our website to ask about our fencing services and learn more about how we can help make sure your fence meets your needs.

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