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A well-built fence is a valuable addition to almost any property. A good fence provides both privacy and protection, and it can enhance the curb appeal of any residence. A professional Frisco fencing company can help homeowners determine the best type of fencing for their needs and build the fence with attractive and durable materials.

Reasons For Installing A Fence In Frisco

Fencing services available in the Dallas area include installation of new fences as well as repairs and upgrades to older fences. Fencing professionals can work with homeowners and business owners to design and build the right type of fence for any property. This process includes choosing a fencing material that fits the client’s needs and budget.

There are many reasons why people in Frisco install a fence on their property. These are a few of the most common:
Confining pets and children. Many homeowners install a fence to provide freedom for pets and young children to play outdoors while ensuring that they remain confined. Both chain-link and wooden fences work well to keep little ones safe.

  • Privacy. A tall wooden privacy fence can make a backyard feel like an extension of the house. When a yard is free from the eyes of neighbors, residents can feel more relaxed.
  • Security. Fences can also help to protect a property by discouraging trespassers. Wrought iron fences are recommended for this purpose because they are difficult to climb, and they don’t allow an intruder to hide.
  • Pool security. Anyone with a pool must have a fence around it to keep neighboring children from swimming unsupervised. Most cities have ordinances that specify how a pool fence must be constructed.
  • Confining livestock. Ranchers and farmers need fences that mark the boundaries of their property and control the movement of animals. Fences can keep livestock within a certain area, and they can prevent the animals from entering a garden or field of crops.
  • Decoration. Decorative fences can include anything from a small raised border around a garden to a white picket fence that surrounds a whole property. Decorative fences add beauty and charm to a landscape design.

Types Of Fences

Property owners have many options to choose from when installing a fence. Fences can be made of wood, metal, vinyl, and composite, and they can allow for a view or provide total privacy. Fences can be utilitarian or decorative or both. The following are some of the most popular styles of fencing in Frisco.

  • Privacy Fences. A privacy fence is a tall, solid wooden barrier. One of the most popular styles of privacy fencing is board on board, with vertical wooden slats alternating on opposite sides of a horizontal rail. The separation between the slats permits air to flow. Lock-board fences are constructed with side-by-side vertical boards.
  • Chain Link Fences. A chain link fence is ideal for confining pets and children without blocking the view. One of the more affordable fencing options, this type of fencing can last many years. In addition, chain link fences are available in several different colors.
  • Picket Fences. A picket fence is made of wooden boards that are cut to a point on top. The 3- to 4-foot-tall boards are spaced evenly apart. Picket fences are often painted white, and they symbolize the ideal middle-class American life.
  • Metal Fences. Metal fences are typically made of coated aluminum or wrought iron. Metal fences look good, and they provide a higher level of security than a chain link or wooden fence. Metal fences are highly durable, lasting longer than most other types of fencing.
  • Ranch Fences. Farmers and ranchers typically surround their fields with ranch fences made of long horizontal boards attached to vertical posts. The fence boards or rails are spaced somewhat far apart but are effective for containing large animals and keeping them off of cultivated land.

Fencing Installation

While installation methods vary from one type of fence to another, installation is always a complex task that requires professional expertise. When homeowners try to install fences on their own, they risk making mistakes that will make their fence more vulnerable to wind or impact. A Frisco fencing company installs fences all over the Dallas area and knows the right way to build and install every type of fence for maximum durability.

Homeowners should be aware that the installation process can take a little time. After the initial consultation, the fencing company will need to order materials and pull permits before the work can begin.

Fencing Repairs

In addition to installation, fencing companies also provide repairs. Fencing repairs are commonly needed after a storm, when fallen branches and trees destroy sections of fence. Fence repairs can also include staining and painting the new boards of a wooden fence to match the existing wood. An experienced fencing contractor can perform seamless repairs and make the whole fence look like new.

Fencing Cost

The cost of installing a fence depends on several factors. For one thing, the size of the area to be enclosed and the type of fence desired will determine the quantity of materials that will be needed. In addition, some materials are more expensive than others. A chain-link fence is at the lower end of the cost range, for example, while wrought iron is at the upper end. Wooden fences can vary in price according to the type and quality of wood selected.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Fencing Company

A fence is a significant investment, and it’s worth spending the time to do a little research before hiring a fencing company to install a fence. Some of the most important things to look for include local expertise, a gallery of work to browse, an installation warranty, a quick response to a phone call or email, and positive reviews from local customers.

To increase your home’s curb appeal, hire a professional Frisco fencing company to install an attractive wooden or metal fence that will complement the contours of the landscape. A good fence is a valuable improvement to any property.

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