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Dallas Fence Experts is an established business that has been providing and installing fences in the DFW Metroplex since 1976. Their fencing is used to add security, protect children and pets, increase privacy, and boost property values. A staff of experienced, highly trained personnel designs one-stop fencing solutions for business and residential customers. A full-service provider, the company provides design help and can supply every type of fencing material on the market. Technicians ensure a flawless fence installation that is guaranteed to meet local regulations. They also install any type of gates clients choose. Skilled craftsmen can repair fences. In addition, specialists offer high-security options for commercial clients. The company guarantees that materials and workmanship meet the highest standards.

Customer Service Is the Primary Focus

The Dallas Fence Experts team is committed to providing world-class customer service. Members are  respectful of customers’ money and time. When a client requests a quote, Anthony Palasota, the company’s owner, makes a personal call and provides an estimate. He is well aware that new fencing represents a big investment and recommends the best products and styles for each buyer. Every project begins with a commitment to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Technicians Offer Custom Solutions

Experienced fencing technicians will also scale fencing projects to customers’ needs. Whether jobs involve installing a simple garden fence or creating a complex security enclosure, experts will design custom solutions. They are able to provide elements other than fencing since their services include stone and concrete work. For example, craftsmen can add custom retaining walls, patios, driveways, and outdoor kitchens.

Specialists Offer a Variety of Quality Fencing

Commercial and residential customers rely on Dallas Fence Experts to provide a wide range of fencing options. In fact, experts can typically offer each customer multiple choices that suit their decorating style, budget, and personal taste. Specialists will discuss the pros and cons of each material.

Cedar Fences

Elegant cedar is commonly used to create stable, weather-resistant privacy fences. Untreated Western Red Cedar is especially popular because it resists decay and insects. It is one of the most beautiful fencing choices because each board has a unique grain and color. Fences typically last at least 15 years.

cedar wood fence

Wood Fences

Classic wood fencing is always in demand by Dallas-area residents. Prized for its simple good looks, wood is an economical choice that offers a variety of style options. Wood privacy fences are often installed to increase home security since they are typically 6’ to 8’ tall. They are also sturdy because experienced installers use galvanized steel fence posts set at least 24” deep in concrete.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Elegant, sturdy wrought iron fencing increases property values and creates a spacious feeling. Fencing specialists will fabricate fencing to customers’ specifications and can add decorative elements. Iron fences include coatings that protect them from rust and make them more durable than many other materials. When customers want lighter metal fencing, professionals can offer easy-care aluminium styles that are well-suited to sloping areas.

cedar wood fence

Chain Link Fences

Strong, durable, easy-maintenance chain link fencing is an ideal fit for home and commercial use. It is popular in residential areas and often used as temporary commercial fencing. Chain link is also a popular choice for schools, retention ponds, and fields.

Vinyl Fencing

Fencing experts provide a wide variety of affordable vinyl fencing that is handsome enough to enhance curb appeal. Suppliers offer vinyl fencing in a rainbow of colors as well as designs that mimic natural materials like wood. Vinyl is strong and easy to customize. It is safe for children, since there is no splintered wood and no nails. Vinyl fences are very easy to maintain. Simply washing with a garden hose keeps them beautiful for years.

cedar wood fence

Professional Installation Meets All Codes

Experienced fencing professionals offer installation services. An expertly installed fence is guaranteed to fit perfectly since technicians carefully evaluate and measure each property before ordering materials. Installers make sure they have required permits and that new fences meet local codes. Technicians have the experience and tools to complete jobs in the shortest possible time and still guarantee a flawless job.

Expert Repairs Extend Fencing Life

While some contractors routinely suggest that clients replace damaged fencing, Dallas professionals often make repairs that save property owners the cost of replacement. Technicians will replace sections and stabilize areas that are leaning. They offer board and backrail replacement. Technicians can replace or strengthen posts and replace missing post caps. Experts also provide maintenance services that keep fencing beautiful. For example, they can power wash, paint or stain fences to restore their beauty. Craftsmen also repair and replace gates.

Craftsmen Provide Commercial Services

Dallas fencing craftsmen design unique fencing options for industrial and commercial clients. A team of specialists works within clients’ budgets to create fences that fulfill project requirements and meet municipal regulations, Common projects include business fencing and landscaping. Specialists also design perimeter fencing that includes access control.

Custom Gates Are Part of Fencing Services

Fencing experts create gates to suit every purpose and budget. They supply wood gates to match new fences. Craftsmen fabricate iron gates in a range of sizes, colors, and finishes. They design garden gates to enclose small areas and pools. Clients can also order custom automatic security gates with openers. Custom gates may be created in arched, straight, bell, and estate styles. 

Dallas Fence Experts staff members generally recommend 3 kinds of automatic driveway gates. They suggest sliding gates for flat driveways and dual swing styles for access points and wide driveways. The third choice is a swing gate which  is the most popular and secure option.

Customers Are Offered Guaranteed Quality

Whether Dallas Fence Experts team members are quoting projects, offering design help, installing fences, or making repairs, they focus on 100% customer satisfaction. The high-quality products they provide generally include warranties. The company is fully insured and offers a one-year workmanship guarantee. It is also a member of the local Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating earned from years of providing dependable service, fair pricing, and custom solutions.

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